I have attended Gail's classes since I was pregnant with my first child, the pregnancy yoga was excellent. I had never joined a class before where I simply didn't want to miss a single week. It is fun, very relaxing and you feel like you worked out. Gail creates a very relaxed atmosphere in her classes giving everyone the opportunity at the beginning to introduce themselves and how they are feeling that week. So it is also a great opportunity to meet with other expectant mothers and you get a lot of good tips from them as well as Gail.

The class passes allows you to come when you can and you don't loose out by missing a class or two. After my son was born we attended the baby massage and the baby yoga classes, the latter being a work out for Mum too! I unfortunately couldn't make one of the massage classes and Gail came to my house, in the bad snow, to do the class with me so I could continue with the series, such is her dedication. I highly recommended attending any of Gail's classes, they were a very positive part of my pregnancy and maternity leave and I have made friends though them that I am still in touch with. Now pregnant with my second, having probably completed the pregnancy yoga classes as I await the next arrival, I look forward to the experience of the infant massage and baby yoga classes with my new baby.

Eva Farrell

We were a little nervous when we signed up for baby massage but after a few minutes James was loving it. The class really helped us bond with each other and I had great craic with the other mums. This class was recommended by a friend and I would have no hesitation doing likewise. Gail is a great practicioner and is passionate about her subject. We both relly enjoyed it and got a huge amount out of it.

Veronica Whelan (and James-7months)

Daire and I really enjoyed the infant massage classes. Everybody there seemed relaxed and postive and it was a great way to get out and talk to a few adults as well letting Daire socialise with other babies. I liked it so much I signed up for the baby Yoga, which is a litlle more energetic but every bit as enjoyable. I would recommend Harmony Yoga Ireland to anyone who wants to spend a bit of quality time with their baby.

Maeve Costigan (and Daire-3 Months)

'So glad I did the course ,Gail was a great instructor; very patient and knowledgeable. I felt she prepared me well to go and start planning Infant massage classes of my own'

Kathy Milliken

I completed my baby massage training in February 2011 with Gail. It was such an enjoyable course and Gail is an excellent instructor. She is really passionate about her subject and this translates in how she teaches. I really appreciated all her tips and advice and continued support whilst completing my written exam work. I would highly recommend her courses and am hoping to train more with her in the future.

Aisling Dalton

I really enjoyed the Birthlight Baby yoga course. It was a great fun and I hope it will be a great adjunct to my baby massage training. The location was fantastic and easily accesible to those of us 'up from the country'. I hope to participate in part 2 of the course in September.

Lilian Edwards.

I have had experience in going to professional training courses to develop my professional skills in Spain, Portugal, England and Ireland for over the past 10 years and I must say that one of the best courses is the one I took under Gail’s care with the International Association of Infant Massage.She is really knowledgeable about the matter with loads of experience, the study material they supply is great, her teaching skills and her personal support during and after the course is priceless.

All of us who did the course are still in touch with each other and especially with Gail.At the moment my little baby Killian and me are enjoying Gail’s massage classes.

Many thanks Gail for sharing with us your “special gift”. Now we can share with all the mammies and babies when we teach our baby massage classes.

Yolanda Arquero

I would highly recommend placenta encapsulation with Gail, I had my 2nd baby at home, Gail arrived within a few hours of our baby’s delivery, collected the placenta & even made a smoothy that was suprisingly tasty & very refreshing, she had the capsules to me the following day along with the essence. I found on taking the capsules that I had much more energy this time round & also my milk came in quicker which has made feeding so much easier. I have used the essence on myself & both my daughters as a pick me up when we have been under the weather. We also have the cord & print from the placenta which although seemed strange at first feel like nice keepsakes now. I will definitely be using Gail’s services again if we go for a third !


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