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Baby Yoga

'In the increasingly fast pace of the modern world, our babies need all the help we can give them in order to create a foundation of well-being that will serve them all their life. Yoga offers babies a resource that will enable them to deal positively with stress and know how to relax. Our handling of babies in yoga is a loving one, in which the conversion of a challenging movement into a safe game, to play and enjoy, is repeated again and again. This playful stimulation through yoga-based exercises is the best possible way of helping babies relish life, with all its demands, as they grow.’

This is the introduction to Francoise Freedman’s book ‘Baby Yoga, Gentle exercise for babies, mums and dads’ and at classes at Harmony Yoga Ireland we aim to promote this well-being for both the babies and the mothers (and the daddy’s too!) Parents usually bring their babies along form about 3 months old. During the Baby Yoga class you can expect to have a lot of fun – the class involves some post natal yoga for the mums but most of the time is spent with the babies. Throughout the class there is a lot of movement for both the mums and the babies and this is sometimes accompanied by singing (everyone is encouraged to join in as it is important for every baby to hear their own parent’s voice) Most of what we sing are everyday nursery rhymes that the parents can practice with their babies at home.







The Baby Yoga course with your baby lasts for 6 weeks and over this time you will go over basic baby yoga movements as well as new poses each week. At the end of each class there is a magical relaxation time where both the mothers and the babies get time to relax. This is then followed tea or coffee and a chance to talk to the other mums in the class.

Benefits of Baby Yoga

Multisensory stimulation for babies

Improves the function of all the body’s systems (respiratory, circulatory, digestive, eliminative, nervous & endocrine)

Bonding time with parents

Something fun for both parents and babies to do together and the exercises can be done at home, as a playful and nurturing time between you and your baby

Gentle stretches for mums help to ease out tightness in the back, shoulders and hips as a result of lifting and carrying the baby


Tue 10am

Fridays 11.30am – The Quaker Meeting House, Churchtown

Cost 120 euro for 6 weeks

After the 6 weeks you can drop into the class at any time for €15


Daire and I really enjoyed the infant massage classes. Everybody there seemed relaxed and postive and it was a great way to get out and talk to a few adults as well letting Daire socialise with other babies. I liked it so much I signed up for the baby Yoga, which is a litlle more energetic but every bit as enjoyable. I would recommend Harmony Yoga Ireland to anyone who wants to spend a bit of quality time with their baby.

Maeve Costigan (and Daire-3 Months)


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