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Toddler Yoga


Toddler Yoga offers a structured base for parents to exercise and have fun with their children, promoting strength, flexibility, balance and relaxation to contrast with energetic activity. It enhances physical wellbeing and stimulates language, listening and developmental skills, but also nourishes the spirit and strengthens family bonds. During the transition to independent movement when toddlers’ physical contact with their parents is often diminished, toddler yoga supports loving and playful contact and provides a positive shared experience to carry young families through what can be a challenging time as they tackle tantrums and boundary testing. Parents are re-connected with their own inner child, their creativity and intuition.

Toddlers are welcome it the class from 18 months – 4 years old. It is a lot of fun with different adventures to go on every week, ranging from the zoo to outer space. Toddler do not always not want to take part in all of the class, but in time will get to know all the moves and be asking for different aspects of the class.

The cost is €60 for 6 weeks and half price for a second child (€12 for drop in)

Classes are Friday 10am

I was looking for an activity that my toddler could enjoy but I could also bring her little 6 month sister to. The class is completely suitable. My toddler enjoys the make believe play - so far we've been to the moon, had a picnic, gone to the park and my baby is happy to roll around on the mat watching.


I like that it's structured but not too much so. If she wanders off to look out the window, this is fine, you don't feel uncomfortable that's she's disturbing the class as there's plenty of room.
Her face lights up with the nursery songs that accompany the yoga. Especially the stretchy stretchy hello song. I've even caught her practising her yoga moves and breathing in the middle of the supermarket! :)

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