Paediatric First Aid training
Paediatric First Aid training
Our Paediatric First Aid course is designed for both the total beginner to first aid and the experienced practitioner.
Presented in a way that is both informative and interactive, our course covers all of the basics that are required for a common sense approach to First Aid.
When we couple this with plenty of practice of common problems that you may encounter, this course will lead to parents, child care workers, teachers, and anyone involved in care of children being more confident in their ability to deal with First Aid situations as they arise.
The course is presented by a Medical professional, so questions are always welcomed in what will be a relaxed and informal atmosphere
LC Safety Training was established in 2008 by Neil Coleman and Ray Lloyd.
Neil  Coleman MSc HDip EMT-A ,is an advanced paramedic who is employed as a lecturer in UCD School of Medicine. He lectures in acute care and has a specific interest in Paediatrics, which was the topic of his MSc. He has over 17 years experience as a pre hospital clinician, and in teaching and training holds several academic  qualifications. He is currently studying for a Professional Diploma in University teaching in UCD. Neil maintains his clinical practice by working in St Vincents University Hospital and the Coombe General Practice.
Ray Lloyd Dip EMT,  is a paramedic in Dublin Fire Brigade. He has 14 years experience of dealing with medical and trauma emergencies and is currently in the final stages of his Masters degree in Education and Training in Griffith College Dublin. He is very interested in the ways adults learn, and the course you will be presented with was developed by Ray.


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