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Pregnancy Massage Training Course


Small group - maximum size 16

Written assessment and case study work

Practical assessment, working on pregnant mums, on last day of course

Diploma with the APNT (Association of Physical and Natural therapists) on successful completion of course and assessments

Options of follow up days and ongoing support and training.

Entrance requirements

Recognised qualification in Massage or Aromatherapy with 100 hours post qualifying experience.

Access to pregnant women for case studies.

Up to date Insurance


1. To provide an in-depth understanding of techniques and positions for massage in pregnancy, birth and postnatally

Knowledge of different positions for different stages of pregnancy, including using floor or chair.

Awareness of back and abdominal care for mother, including positions and techniques to avoid.

Knowledge of energy work and shiatsu techniques and specific points.

Techniques for labour, including involvement of partner, and ability to teach massage to partner.

Knowledge of massage for the postnatal period.

2. To provide an understanding of the anatomy and physiology of pregnancy, particularly in relation to massage and exercise

Physiological and pathological conditions

Which conditions are amenable to treatment with massage and which need to be referred on and to whom; including both orthodox health professionals and complementary practitioners.

Effects of hormonal changes on ligaments and joints.

Understanding of function of and implications for exercise and massage of abdominal muscles, pelvic floor/perineum, spine.

Understanding changes in the cardiovascular system; respiratory system.

Understanding of development of foetus, including different fetal presentations, how these occur and can be changed and how this affects labour.

Understanding of the changes in the postnatal period.

3. Working towards an holistic model of pregnancy and birth and the postpartum period

Viewing pregnancy as a healthy expression of the journey into motherhood.

Introduction to some Eastern models of pregnancy.

Practical ideas and suggestions to support the work of the massage session e.g. simple exercises, breathing, massage for mother and partner to do for themselves.

Awareness of the baby during the massage.

Encouraging development of the mother's and father's relationship with the baby and confidence in their own bodies wisdom.

Role of diet and other complementary therapies.

4. To provide practical tools for self-development and for supporting massage therapists work in this period

Touch sensitivity skills.

Work on preparation for massage, breathing, stretching.

Developing your own style.

Feeling confident about working during pregnancy, confronting and working through anxieties around massaging pregnant women, looking at our own attitudes to pregnancy.

Written Coursework required (after the course)

Written Assessment

You have 6 months after completion of the course to complete these tasks, although you can apply for extensions of up to one year. The aim is to consolidate your knowledge by gaining practical experience of working with pregnant mums. There will be time given during the course to discuss these assignments further and you will have supervision and support after the course to help you to complete these tasks.

a) Case studies

Present 4 case studies, of a minimum of 4 massages per person (up to 6 if that is appropriate).

You will find it helpful to have at least one or two women lined up so you can begin working on them immediately after the course. If you do not know anyone, try local NCT, active birth, aquanatal classes or local midwives, if they are sympathetic. It is up to you whether to charge your case studies, although I would suggest giving them at least a discount, so you don’t have the pressure of “performing”. You might however want to make a charge for room hire/heating etc.

b) Written assignment of 3-5,000 words – (guideline only –if your project is a leaflet/handout the word count can be less)

Engage in a project of your choosing on the theme of: “Working as a massage therapist during pregnancy”. It can be anything (eg a discussion of your role as a massage therapist working with pregnant women, or based around leaflets (these must be informational not promotional) you develop for your pregnant clients. There are examples of students’ projects on this website; remember these are excellent ones!

Cost for the 4 days is €600

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